ACE S.R.L. is a wholesaler of fished or water bred ichthyic products. Ace srl deals with alive- fresh – prepared -frozen – modified ichthyic products and alive bivalved Mollusca. The company is at the highest level of the market in marketing, distribution, storage and processing.


ACE s.r.l. head quarter is in Milan – Via C Lombroso 53 inside the general market, near to Milan east free highway and, therefore, easily connected to the down town and to all the highways . Ace market is North of Italy with a daily process chai : order – delivery. The quality of the delivery is granted by a number of company delivery vans of different size and all equipped with temperature controlled cold store.


ACE s.r.l. buys on a daily base by national, inter and intra community suppliers, all with U E recognition and has direct suppliers placed inside Milan General Ichthyic Market, the most important Italian market both for quantity (about 25.000 tons/year) or for quality and freshness of the products.
This long date partnership assures high quality and daily supplying.
The location inside the market area the new technology of the plant , the cold stores , the premises with controlled temperature assure a perfect constant cold chain and an high standard quality of the products.
The whole process has a High Healthy standard according to control system (HACCP).


Ace is always looking for the best suppliers and products in Milan, national and international market to be able to offer the processing and the distribution of a quality product to the sale market, to hotel restaurant , catering and fish shops